Everesting 2022

25 February 2023

Are you ready for the (ultimate) challenge?

The Everesting Challenge is an international cycling challenge founded by Hells 500 in which participants cycle the equivalent elevation of Mt Everest, in one continuous route.


Only for the brave... To date,  only 56 UAE residents have  participated in this challenge. Set yourself the ultimate NY resolution to add to that number in 2023!

We believe the best way to prepare and take part in a challenge like this is to do it as a part of a team.  Although this is an individual achievement, having the support and encouragement of those around you can boost morale, share help and advice and provide that extra boost on those harder moments on the incline. as well as the experience and advice from organisers who have trained for and undertaken the challenge as well. 

What's included?

Event day:
Logistics planning in accordance with Everesting rules
Vehicular support
Water and hydration
"Base camp' set up for rest breaks
Medical support



4,424 mtrs (half Everest)
8,848 mtrs (full Everest)


Intro webinar (Oct - date TBC) - Overview of the rules and what to expect
Prep ride - Jebel Jais, Oct 29 2022

Nutrition and training webinar -  Nov 17 2022
Prep ride - Jebel Jais - Jan 14 2023
Prep ride* - Jebel Jais - Feb 11 2023

Event day starting schedule:

The below event details are subject to minor changes but will provide a demonstrative outline of the event:


10.30 am - Rider arrival and set up

11.00 am - Briefing and bike checks

11.30 am - First climb


All riders will climb at their own pace, with support cars responsive to all their needs. Support cars and all event infrastructure will remain until the last rider has finished (for both the Full Everest and Half Everest attempts).

Pricing schedule

Deposit: 450 AED

Final balance (due Jan 31 2023): 2175 AED.

Optional training plan - if you are interested in having a personalised training plan, we have secured a preferential rate of 750 AED per month* with BR Performance Studios. Their team of experienced trainers have previously coached individuals all the way to the top of "Everest".

*Exclusive rate for HTR Everest Challengers. Payable directly to BR Performance Studios quoting "HTR Everest 23"


And if you need another reason: only challenge completers are eligible to unlock access to the exclusive Hells 500 Everesting ‘merch’; wearable bragging rights! 

How to register:

To sign up, just follow the link below to the Hopatec registration page and pay your deposit by 30 September (10% discount available on full payment). You will receive your Everesting welcome and briefing pack, along with an invitation to the kick-off call. 

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth via email at elizabeth@htr-uae.com

Wednesday - Vo2Max.jpg

About BR Performance Studios

1% better everyday...


BR believe that no two athletes are the same, therefore no two athletes can benefit from the same training program or a program that doesn’t adapt to each individual’s needs. Their philosophy is to help you get 1% better every day, resulting in incremental and lasting improvements to your fitness. 


They have previously helped a team from a large corporate firm complete an Everesting Challenge, as part of a charitable initiative (just ask the Girl in Charge - Elizabeth)

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